Avondale Revitalization – Everyone’s Getting Involved, Are You?

Three years from now, Avondale and Forest Park will be quite an attractive place due to recent news on grant retrieval.

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There is set to be additions, to boost attractiveness, toward the Forest Park and South Avondale area.

A “guaranteed” $675,000, and possibly up to $1.2 Million, will be given to the historic area in some time; as told to the BBJ by Marco Morosini. He is the President of Forest Park South Avondale Business Association.

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Author Side Note:

Isn’t this just awesome to hear!? The fact that Avondale and Forest Park are in the process of receiving funding to improve the overall feel is a HUGE step in development.
I talk a lot about development, as you well know, and I will continue to highlight even the smallest of projects. This recent news for Avondale excites me. As a rising millennial, I loved hearing Avondale become nationally recognized on Buzz Feed, and I thoroughly enjoy spending time down in the area.
My hope for this historic side of Birmingham is to have all ages feel welcome, safe, and excited to be there no matter the little street corner they may be hanging around.

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My two cents 🙂

The Vision and What the Funds will go Towards:

  • New Signs
  • Improved Street Markings (This is a definite need)
  • Better Lighting (For the safe aspect of course)
  • New Intersection Signals
  • Improved Streets and Sidewalks (Praises for this one!)

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Involvement wise, Mr. Morosini is planning to meet with local businesses to gather opinions on their personal visions. As mentioned in the title, are you involved? This will turn into a neighborhood perspective as well!

“We would like to use a local architect, but since this is a city-funded project, we will go with who they pass on to us. We can work with the city instead of the city having to handle the job. We can all work to make our areas better and safer.”

– Morosini told the BBJ

I would love feedback on your opinions and what you would like to see improved in Avondale. Feel free to comment on any social platform and possibly hedge up needed conversation about the area!

BBJ article here

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