Retail Going up in Mountain Brook – Lane Parke

Following the trends of many developments down town, Mountain Brook’s Lane Parke is ready for its wave of new retailers.

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The 66,640 Sq. Ft. development is comprised of an assortment of consumer delights; retail, coffee, restaurants, and specialty shopping.

Here is the list of tenants:

Lane Parke also expanded the Western Market to fit a growing demand.

In an article by, the project is meant to fit the rest of Lane Parke, and the entirety of Mountain Brook for that matter.

“As the premier new development in Mountain Brook, we recognized from the very beginning that we needed to attract a group of tenants that would meet and exceed the expectations of our sophisticated market”

– John Evans

As Birmingham continues its trend of development/revitalization, it is great to see even the most upscale sections of our city jump in the game!

We are a community, no matter how big the mountain is that separates us. From one successful section to the next, all areas of Bham are in it together to put our Magic on the map once again.

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