“Hey Coach!” – A Conversation with Ole Saint Nick

Whether naughty or nice, Ole Saint Nick (a.k.a – Nick Saban – bet you didn’t catch that one) is comin for ya…

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Fans, ask your favorite coach about his thoughts on the Tides success and SEC presence.

The win over Tennessee is a current point of pride for the Tide, but as we all know, Saban just wants to improve; we may never understand the somewhat discontentment with performance, but what ever it is, keep doin it man!

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The “Hey Coach!” talk show is an opportunity for fans, and loyal Finebaum callers, to ask the man himself their questions. This can be quite magical for some.

The weekly radio show is recorded live from Bob’s Victory Grille in Tuscaloosa on Thursday night.

– Rainer Sabin, AL.com


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