GO to the Grown-Up Playground with GO Kickball

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“America’s Premier Social Experience.”

GO Kickball has become a sensation. It is in over 16 states and 40 cities and Birmingham is a part of that list.

Using kickball to build community… It’s a concept so simple, there’s no way that it could work, right? Wrong. GO Kickball was an idea conceived in 2005 and it has soared ever since then.

It started in Atlanta and has now expanded as far west as California and as far north as Michigan. Seasons are 8 games long and the games last for an hour. One city winner will be left at the end of each season. That team will be invited to compete at Nationals for the GO Kickball Cup.

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GO Kickball Chattanooga

However, GO Kickball is not just about the kickball and competition. It is more about the social aspect than anything.

“GO Kickball continues to provide people of any athletic ability a social outlet to have fun and get away from their daily lives, at least for a little while. Anyone 21+ is invited and welcome to participate in this fun, entertaining, and active way to make new friends, foster relationships, and network with others.” – GO Kickball

There is a set bar for each league, and every team is encouraged to go to the bar after the games and socialize and eat and drink. The league also offers complimentary drinks at special events throughout the season. Who doesn’t like complimentary drinks with friends?

So whether you love sports or love beer with friends, sign yourself, a friend or a company up here

If you sign up for GO Kickball, it includes:
  • Co-ed Teams, must be 21+ to Play
  • 8 Game Season including Tournament
  • Weekly League Bar Experience
  • League Bar Specials & Discounts
  • Exclusive Parties & Events
  • National Championship Festival
  • All Equipment and Setup is Provided
  • High-Quality Team T-Shirts You Keep
  • Certified Managers & Referees
  • Register as Team OR as Individual (Free Agent)
  • “Free Agent” Personality Matching Technology
  • Cutting-edge Website Provides Optimal Experience
  • SmartPhone Mobile site for Easy Usage on the GO
  • One Low Price Covers all Expenses for the Season