Donor to Diner program at UAB battles food insecurity

After coming face to face with the reality of food insecurity on her campus, Supraja “Sippy” Sridhar decided to make a difference. The senior chemistry student at UAB launched a new campus organization named Donor to Diner.

This organization established the One Meal Initiative, allowing students to donate unused funds on their meal plans to their fellow students in need. These meal vouchers are then distributed to deserving students. The design allows for students to help one another and they hope to make a huge difference for those who deal with food insecurity regularly.

“Everyone knows what it’s like to feel hungry,” Sridhar said. “You can’t focus on anything else. For a student, that is a major distraction at least. It’s difficult to realize how much of a difference one meal can make.” She discussed her work with Donor to Diner at the inaugural TEDxUAB event on April 9, and is currently producing and directing a documentary about the organization and the issue of food insecurity.

– Supraja Sridhar

Thanks to UAB administration’s and Campus Dining’s support the One Meal initiative became an amazing reality. Last year alone, they had over 250 meal donations in the fall. Currently, they have already had 500 meals donated from last spring.

As awareness grows, so shall this life-changing organization and the help they provide for other UAB students.

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