A Vision Aimed Toward Growth and Delicious Pizza

Whether in city limits, or right outside, many businesses are thriving due to the hopeful and continuous growth Birmingham has been experiencing.

Now, one restaurant owner looks to add value where value may seem thin.

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Giani Respinto, owner of GianMarco’s (close if not the best Italian food in Bham) looks to open yet another Italian inspired restaurant; as far as the food goes.

Pizzeria GM

Mr. Respinto has a passion and aptitude for creating tasty Italian cuisines that even the most southern of customers can enjoy. The knowledge he has within the food industry leads him to believe there is a market for a specialized pizzeria.

“We want to combine family and date night,”

– Respinto told The Homewood Star

Plots of land around Birmingham are enticing to many of our entrepreneurs, especially those located in seemingly unpromising atmospheres.
Photo By: The Homewood Star
Photo By: The Homewood Star

165 Oxmoor Rd. is the desired location for his new project. Respinto has been quite successful for the past 14 years with GianMarco’s, but wants to provide a fun restaurant for all consumers; the families in Homewood are a perfect match.

Driving down Oxmoor road/Green Springs may lead one to believe that starting a business in the area is a risky move. Only the most knowledgeable in their trade would consider such a thing though.

Pizzeria GM would have New York-style pizza by the pie, with the most expensive item being $15. Other menu items include salads, small plates, sandwiches, desserts and 20 draft beers and six draft wines on tap.

– Sydney Cromwell, The Homewood Star

A new pizza spot could be coming to Oxmoor Road near I-65.

Some of the best areas for new business are the ones that seem the least promising. Optimism plays a huge role with Respinto. He proclaims that some called him crazy for opening GianMarco’s in Edgewood 14 years ago; he knows his fair share of doubts.

Pizza seems to be on the rise (all pun intended), and Giani Respinto simply wants to continue providing satisfaction for Birmingham peeps; for that we thank you.

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