What’s More Fun Than Jumping in a Pit of Foam? Uh Not Much, Trust Me

Since the overhaul of highway 280 a few years back, drivers are currently content with traffic conditions and so are businesses. This has given way to the overall improvement of 280’s aesthetic and property development.

Up next for 280… American Ninja Warrior and Parkour courses, flying trapeze and some sort of a rock wall for bouldering.

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Behind the La-Z-Boy on 280 there is a huge plot of land just calling the name of the next developer to conquer 280 consumers. Demographics play a huge part in the major highway’s success; multiple high schools in the surrounding area, churches galore, and well off families.

The time is now for the next development and the one proposed is sure to excite many!
CircusTrix, one of the leaders within the indoor recreational industry, is set to begin construction on its newest project; Next Levl

You may be thinking to yourself, “wait didn’t 280 just have success with Airwalk…” You would be very correct. Airwalk was received very well which is why CircusTrix knows the market is there. Although Airwalk became apart of the community for the past four years, Next Levl (BOTH OWNED BY CircusTrix) will be replacing the rec. center.

Gotta love when companies come into Birmingham and want to follow the trail of innovation!
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The new facility will eventually give way to a major development meant to impact the established community that much more…

The park joins another large-scale development called Tattersall Park planned for the same area between U.S. 280 and Highway 119 that could feature retail, restaurants, hotels, medical facilities.

– Brent Godwin, BBJ

Proposed place of development:


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