Talks of Brand New Development for Parkside District

The 20 Midtown project has been in development for some time, but get ready to add yet another for the area.

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There are many things that Birmingham prides itself on and currently the fact that we are one of the most affordable cities in America is a hot topic.

To provide affordable living in the downtown area is imperative to Bham’s growth. Like many before, one developer is willing to make drastic changes to accomplish this need. Across the street from the future Publix of 20 Midtown, there is a lonely building waiting to be demolished.

Morbid a bit? Sorry about that…
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Michael O. Lundy, president and CEO of the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District, said the organization has preliminary plans to tear down the HABD’s current building at 1826 Third Avenue South for a new building.

Brent Godwin, BBJ

Here are the plans:

  • Demolish and build a 6 story building
  • Commercial space (of course, due to popular demand) on the 1st floor
  • About 75 units for senior living on 2-3 floors
  • The top will be set for administrative purposes

Although approval has not been granted, nor pushed for too heavily, this would be a huge benefit to the Parkside District and the “Ham” as a whole.

Bringing residents back to the city is overly important at this point. Not only to boost the morale of Birmingham, but to sustain growth that has taken us over.

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