Saturday Without Your Team

You’re at home in Birmingham and your college football team is on a bye week. There don’t seem to be any games slated that you’re interested in. What to do now? Here are just a few underrated ways to spend a Saturday:

The Rope Swings at the Cahaba River

Floating down the Cahaba is a common activity, but for a little more adrenaline, you can fly off one of the rope swings. Simply plug the address into your phone and go: 2189 Grants Mill Rd. Seriously, punch that into your GPS of choice and park your car at that location. Then just walk down the trail until you reach one of the rope swings. There isn’t a lot of summer weather left, so get on it.

The Birmingham Zoo


The Birmingham Zoo has the feel of a small, local zoo with the exoticism of a big city zoo. It is 122 acres of over 200 species of animals. If you go at the right time, you can even feed the Giraffes. Normal online admission is $16.00 for an adult and $11.00 for a child (2-12). There are also specials at all times of the year to get in even cheaper. Visit for more information.

The Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex


The BJCC has different shows, conferences, and performances every day. Everything from Gucci Mane to Disney on Ice is hosted in their arenas. Prices differ for each show, so visit to find the show that is right for you.

Any of the Parks or Hiking Trails

There are a plethora of hiking and camping options in Birmingham. They fly under the radar, because Birmingham is such an industrialized city. However, one of the best ways to spend a Saturday is to get away from the city buzz and see the nature that the Iron City has to offer. From the mines at Ruffner Mountain to the zip line at Red Mountain to the trails and lake beaches at Oak Mountain State Park, the Birmingham outdoors have endless activities for every age.

Don’t let it end there…

Those options are a miniscule fraction of everything that Birmingham has to offer. There are so many great restaurants, golf courses, historic monuments, and museums. Get up, get out, and see Birmingham now.