Why Should We Pay Attention to Birmingham’s Growth?

Throughout the summer and months following, we have seen exponential growth with many small businesses. This proves that Birmingham is on the rise due to investors and the dedicated men and women of the Magic City.

Funding for companies like Shipt, Fleetio, and Swell Fundraising has established strong foundations for Bham business.

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Within the past few months,
  • Shipt has been fueled with $20.1 million in Series A funding,
  • Fleetio raised $750,000 from private entities
  • Swell Fundraising gained $500,000 through the angel investment group.

Along with this funding, a large stake in Daxko was bought by the GI Partners from California. This will allow the company to expand operations and further the technological capacity.

Everyone ought to be looking to Birmingham for the next big business, idea, or innovation simply because of who we are.
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Hard work and persistence is the name of the game for our tech companies. We may have a rough history, but that doesn’t take away from the fact of our growth.

“The components people need to live, work, play and collaborate are here, in Birmingham”.

Kathleen Hamrick told Dawn Azok, from Made In Alabama

From funding, to accelerators, the Magic City has not seen this much action and positive outcomes for quite some time. It’s imperative to continue this development.

Keep up the innovation and #keepitlocal (sign the pledge today)!

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