Final Approval, Top Golf Coming Soon the Bham

The first ever city located TopGolf arena has been approved and will be available by the end of 2017.

Non golfers, to average players, to pros are all welcome!

Detailed plan laid out to the Birmingham Design Review Committee
Detailed plan laid out to the Birmingham Design Review Committee.

The up and coming tech culture meets the established and ever evolving sports culture within Birmingham. As technology continues to grapple industries from all over, consumers have more affordable and exciting options when picking entertainment. TopGolf will be perfect for all types of entertainment consumers.

Topgolf is a driving range, but it’s high-tech: each golf ball has a RFID chip in it – the kind in cell phones – that collects data about your swing, like distance. But it’s not just for the serious golfer…

– Kelly Poe,

“What is technology coming too!?”
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From virtual practice ranges to real life video games (I mean basically). The way Birmingham has been innovating in technology allows our city to easily invite interactive systems like TopGolf.

The Details:
  • Each station has flat screen TV’s and lounging areas.
  • Rented by the hour ($25-$45, fluctuating with demand)
  • A one time, $5 membership fee

The Location:
  • Taking up two blocks: 12th Ave. N., 11th Ave. N., 26th St. N, and 24th St. N.
  • Two buildings will be demolished to open the location.
  • Open hours will be from 9:00 am to 2:00 am

Don’t play golf? No worries!

TopGolf projects that 80% of their customers are non-golfers.

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