Bulldozers and Rigs Set For Demo of 20 Midtown

Seems like areas of Birmingham are competing with each other with all of the development going around.

I love hearing about all of the construction because it continues to shine a light on our “underrated” city.

Photo By: 20 Midtown

20 Midtown

The Project:

  1. This portion hosts a Starbucks, the properties leasing office, a Chipotle, and an AT&T store. To add a spin on the already packed development, there are 36 housing units above. Supply and Demand baby!
  2. Publix is the second part to this continuous project. 36,000 square feet will be the surface and host 75 apartments (2 bedroom units) above.
  3. The largest among the three is of course set for last. 41,000 square feet is going to be dedicated to retail and office space. The second floor will provide 242 housing units, which is subject to change. Lofts, the most open living arrangement available, will also be provided (only 2 offered).

The third part has been approved for demo.

Yet again, Birmingham is able to use this development to entice more consumers/business men and women to get involved in the new magic.

“We’ve encountered the normal challenges that you encounter any construction project, especially one that’s this diverse, but overall things are going really well and we’re encouraged by the progress,” Schmalz said.

– Dick Schmalz told AL.com

Note: the third section of this massive reconstruction, is 70% leased. Are you looking for office space? There’s plenty to go around, but better act quick!

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