Toilet Paper Turned Felony

One of the Toomer’s Corner trees was set ablaze after Auburn walked away with an 18-13 victory on Saturday. Maybe the man guilty is a pyromaniac. Maybe he’s a bitter LSU fan. Maybe it was symbolic of Les Miles being fired from LSU after the game. Who knows? One thing is for sure: burning toilet paper has to be the worst way to become a felon.

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Rolling Toomer’s Corner after an Auburn win is quite a famous tradition in college football. The tradition was in full force after Auburn took down 18th ranked LSU. Tiger fans threw rolls and rolls of toilet paper into the trees, not knowing all of their hard work would soon turn to ash.


29 year old Jochen Wiest is the man taken into custody for the crime. He is being charged with the crimes of  “desecration of a venerable object” and “first degree criminal mischief.” The latter is a felony.

Wiest’s motives have not been clarified, and the extent of the damage to the trees is also unknown. The University has asked fans not to roll the tree that was lit on fire.

The next time you think about lighting something meaningless like toilet paper on fire, stop and ask yourself if it’s really worth becoming a felon to do so.