UAB Professor shares student’s views on tonight’s debate

Tonight at 8pm, millions are estimated to be tuned into the first 2016 Presidential debate. Unsurprisingly, that includes college students, especially from UAB. During class discussions, Political Science Professor, A.K. Shauku, found out what his students really wanted to get out of this important debate.

For Clinton, students were worried about stamina, stemming from her recent bout of pneumonia. Along with questions about her authenticity and trustworthiness, students feel as if tonight is her chance to show them she has what it takes to stand up against Trump and any other challenges she may face in office.

For Trump, students wanted to know how his status as a celebrity and businessman would affect his possible time as president. Tonight is crucial for some to see him as a true candidate and answer some questions on some of his controversial viewpoints.

According to Shauku, a lot of students, are tuning in tonight to truly see the commitment of each candidate to their issues as well as fully understanding their proposed solutions.

Ultimately, whether students are pro-Hilary or pro-Trump, might depend highly on this debate. Either way, it is great to hear of the younger generation getting involved with this year’s election.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight at 8pm CST. It will be broadcasted on all of the major TV networks and cable outlets. Also, Facebook and Twitter will be live streaming along with Hulu and a few other news outlets.

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