If Class Standings were Wild Animals

The difference between your Freshman year and your Senior year is real. From not knowing anything about college to not wanting to leave, here are a few wild animals that relate to your class standing.
Freshman – Red Panda

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Freshman year. You don’t know anyone and you don’t know anything. You are about to start the best four years of your life and maybe that is why you are completely terrified. Don’t worry, it always passes and then you are right at home.


Sophomores – Goats

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Sophomores can be a bit wild. With year one down, there are no worries and no fears. Since they are so ready to be back at school and back with friends, their excitement might be a bit much for some upperclassmen…


Juniors – Pandas

giphy If Class Standings were Wild Animals

Juniors are one step closer to the real world and one step closer to realizing they have no idea what they are doing. Take it slow and enjoy your last couple of years.


Seniors – Sloths

giphy If Class Standings were Wild Animals

Seniors aren’t lazy but they usually prefer lounging than real life responsibilities. With one year left, and only a few courses to go, I am sure the last year feels like they are crawling towards the finish line.

What can I say? College is a wild time.


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