Birmingham Walmart’s Diving into Online Shopping

Convienence is driving the service industry. From ride share programs to grocery delivery services, competition is stiffening.

Photo by: Fayetteville Flyer
Photo by: Fayetteville Flyer

Customers of choice Birmingham Walmart’s now have the option to pre-order their groceries. Here are the locations:

  • Birmingham Walmart Supercenter, 5335 Highway 280
  • Alabaster Walmart Neighborhood Market, 9085 Highway 119
  • Chelsea Walmart Supercenter, 16077 Highway 280
  • Gardendale Walmart Supercenter, 890 Odum Road

There are a few trade offs with this service. When using a service like Shipt, the customer places an order, and the groceries (picked up by a Shipt employee) are then delivered to your door step.

With the online Walmart option, the customer places the order, a Walmart employee picks out the items and the order is ready for pick up.


Rad?  Yes. Great for Birmingham? Absolutely!

As our city continus to accept these convenient services, the economy of this “underrated” metro will only be positive.

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