Underrated? That May be an Understatement

Does it surprise you when someone says negative things about Birmingham?

For me, I’ve experience 3 years at Samford where students from Nashville, Atlanta, Chattanooga, etc. think of Birmingham as “outdated” or “slow”.

But we have our own way of pushing through the stereo types.

Photo By: Birmingham City Council
Photo By: Birmingham City Council

Just recently, Condé Nast Traveler, a travel expert guide, posted its top 18 most underrated cities. Yep you guessed it, Birmingham was among the list, and for what it’s worth, named #1 out of 18.

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This came with no surprise to hear my city is now known as underrated. In fact, I love hearing someone thinks of Birmingham that way! Everyone will be surprised (and currently are) when the next big thing steps out of our Magic.

Just wait and see…

So back to the article, here are some of the criteria for a city to be deemed underrated:

“it can’t have its own TV show.” (Portland is out for “Portlandia”)
“We love them for their dining and microbrew scenes, cultural attractions, or just that under-the-radar charm.”

Low and behold Birmingham is a PERFECT fit for both of those criteria. Not everything is hunky dory down in these here parts though. With the bankruptcy files (2011’s $4 Billion) and outdated buildings, Birmingham is not the most attractive, but underrated for sure!

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Ashlea Halpern, the one responsible for our notoriety, points to key aspects of the Magic City’s growth within the past 10 years. From the Pepper Place market, to redevelopment of The Lyric Theater and Regions Field, this is an honor that few cities couldn’t match.

Oh and we keep going up by the way…

The sense of community drives this place. Investors are determined to make something of the small businesses and developers want to rebuild our sky line. Everyday it’s all hands on deck for Birmingham, and we have the best support a city could ask for; real people just wanting the best for an underrated city.

Check out the whole list here


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