More Chicken to Satisfy the Ungodly Craving, Except on Sunday

On this fine Monday I ask myself, “what more does Birmingham and the surrounding areas need to continue attracting people to our city?”

What if I told you another Chick-Fil-A would be a part of making this happen?

Photo Creds: Hoover Sun
Photo By: Hoover Sun

Okay I may have been exaggerating a little, but yes there is yet another franchise opening in Hoover, at The Grove shopping center. The project has been a discussion point for some time now. Last summer, Hoover’s Planning and Zoning Board approved redevelopment of two lots to be the site.

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The new Chick-fil-a will open this Oct. 6th and the first 100 customers will receive free CFA for a year. You know, typical business move by the famous chicken experts.

There is somewhat of a bonus for those daring to camp outside of the establishment on Oct. 5th. Not only do your dreams of free CFA for a year most likely come true, but you will also be fed outside the restaurant while waiting.

Basically, the highlight of September.

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