Local Business Students Talk Strategy with Big NFL Name

Each year, Samford’s Brock School of Business provides students with unique opportunities through internships and networking.

This year, a coveted marketing concentration program is headed to the Miami Dolphin’s to talk social media strategy.


Dr. Darin White, Ph.D., Marketing Professor and head of the Sports Marketing program at Samford guides the yearly trips.

The goal of the program is “to have our students get real world experiential opportunities on the business side of sports, prior to graduating.” Overall, it’s an advantage in receiving jobs. To plug into the world of sports business, you HAVE to be connected with someone inside and previously have real world sports business experience.

Miami is going to prove challenging for the 4th year business students, but Samford always seems to prepare them well for these ventures. The Brock School of Business is one of the most prestigious in the Southeast. In fact, the Sports Marketing program is the only of its kind in the Southeast.

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Clearly the network is thick and talent strong.

The Project:

Strategic planning on social media is the name of the game for marketers now-a-days. As competitors rise and fall, the fight for the consumer is always a top focus. But how do firms, or in this case NFL organizations, differentiate themselves from the rest in a millennial world? This question will fuel the project.

The Seniors from Samford are analyzing the Miami Dolphin’s social media strategies. The Dolphin’s are wanting to pumping content through Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest. They are currently utilizing some of these platforms, but the students have been called upon to dive into the analytics and find the best fit.

Interestingly enough, The Dolphin’s are one of the only NFL organizations that does not outsource its social media marketing. This is a big reason as to why the students are able to work alongside executives to provide insight while learning tricks of the trade.

Advantages for Birmingham:

“Why do people in Birmingham care about this? Well, I’d say the reason they should care about it is because one of the objectives, my objectives as the director of the program since day one is, you know I am a huge believer that sports can play a big big big role in advancing Birmingham. In terms of our brand nationally…” Therefore, “I want to make sure my program and my students are actively apart of that…”

– Dr. White

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Dr. White has served on the board of directors for the Alabama Sports Foundation, a non-profit which helps bring sporting events to the state. Last year ASF brought the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team to Legion Field where White and student volunteers helped organize the event/game.

This is a wonderful example of Samford’s diligence in hiring top-notch professors who are connected throughout the Birmingham area and beyond.

Along with the web of networks, the University works along side UAB, Birmingham Southern, and Montevallo to offer classes that another may not have. This is called The Birmingham Area Consortium for Higher Education (BACHE). It is allowing students to take advantage of opportunities without being constrained to the status-quo of their campuses.

It is important for all Birmingham business entities to be invested in the city’s growth and it starts with the rising generations.

The project may not be meant for Bham, but it will surely have its impact. Whether the students play a part in the city’s growth through business creation/innovation, or not, they will always know where their foundation’s began.

Thank you Samford for all you do to impact our city, our culture, and our people. Good luck Dr. White and students on your venture!

For More Info. on Samford’s Sports Business activities, Click Here.

Follow Dr. Darin White on Twitter: @Sports_Biz_Prof


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