The Highlands – Private Community Coming Soon

The Brogdon Group, a Birmingham development company, has planned a brand new community between Chelsea and Pelham.


725 acres will give way to the new community, The Highlands, and add to Birmingham’s multitude of upscale neighborhoods.

It is set to be a class A neighborhood with an unbelievable amount of amenities: Resort styled pool, Streets lit up by burning lanterns, of course a gate to create the bubble, AT&T fiber running down to each home, and massive amphitheater for concerts/plays!

“This is a one of a kind site and a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of something unparalleled in Birmingham and the surrounding communities…”

Chris Reebals, Talking with BBJ

Studies show that Chelsea has been growing for the past few years. Therefore predictions have been made to say this community will only benefit the city’s continuous development.

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