Birmingham’s Favorite Food Trucks – By the Numbers

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On the Corner – An app to point you in the right direction of your favorite Magic City food truck.

Here are their top 10 food trucks ranked in order of popularity on the app.



1) Eugene’s Hot Chicken (Leading with 801 User Subscriptions for location updates)

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With their unique spin on buffalo chicken, Eugene’s taps into every southerns heart for lunch and dinner.

2) Shindigs

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“we will construct habitually comforting dishes that are seemingly innocent yet ‘spank’ your taste buds; hopefully enlivening your fervor for self-sustained foodstuff.” –Shindigs

3) Old Town Pizza

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“I tried my first pizza from y’all today. I’ll DEFINITELY be back! In my opinion, it’s the best pizza in town! Keep it up!! :)”

-C Bates, Customer Review

4) Bendy’s Cookies and Cream

Image result for 4) Bendy's Cookies and Cream

The best way to describe this “cool” truck is through their slogan, “Scoop, Eat, Repeat”. A truck to deliver your favorite guilty pleasure.

5) Big Spoon Creamery

“Through something as simple as ice cream, our hope is that we can positively impact your life, the lives around us, and ultimately our community.”

-Big Spoon Creamery

6) Saw’s Street Kitchen
Image result for Saw's Street Kitchen truck]

Good people, Good Bar-B-Que, Good eatin. Nuff Said

7) Cantina on Wheels
Image result for 7) Cantina on Wheels

Tacos on Tacos on Tacos. What more could you ask for from this delightful Birmingham original.

8) Melt
Image result for melt truck birmingham

“The concept behind MELT is simple: a modern twist on a classic comfort food. The menu is approachable and the food is scrumptious. There is something about going back to basics that just makes sense.”


9) Snapper Grabber’s Coastal Kitchen
Image result for 9) Snapper Grabbers Coastal Kitchen

Serving up the freshest Alabamaian sea food right on your office street corner.

10) The Heavenly Donut Company

Image result for 9) Snapper Grabbers Coastal Kitchen

Speaking of guilty pleasures, this truck has one of the most unique selections of donuts you ever heard of!

“this app just works. Love the trucks details screen. The must-get item is helpful…”
-Review from BHAMfoodtruckeater
“Millennials are more likely to visit food trucks. They make up about 50% of our users, and visit a truck at least once a month.” (In response to a question about interesting data they have found since starting up)
-Dave Folk, Co-Owner, On the Corner





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