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For being a short 4 day week, this may have felt much longer than usual, but now it’s Friday and we all know what that means…

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Friday Caf

Remember chicken finger day in grade school? Well Friday’s at Samford consist of fried chicken, grilled fish, mashed potatoes, and other Sodexo delights. This may or may not excite some, but for those who attend “The Caf” on the reg. it is a lunch looked forward to.

A Quiet Campus

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As I walk out of my dorm room on Friday morning and stroll through Ben Brown Plaza, there is a clear lack of people moving around campus. There are theories for this. Maybe it’s weekend trips, or the usual “I’m not sure what to do with life after this grueling week”. No matter the reason, Samford becomes quiet on Friday’s. Unless of course prospective students are taking a tour, but that’s normal for just about everyday of the week.

No Class for Business Students
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Most classes consist of 4 total credits, but not business classes! These are only 3 credits each which means they have to take on a few more classes than another school on Campus. No worries though, because the reward for daring to be a business student (okay maybe that’s a stretch) is rarely having class on Friday. Those lucky bugs.

“Are you going to ***** Tonight?”
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Whether you went out last night, or not at all, the Samford community seems to flock off campus and into down town on Friday nights. This has been a great thing for the city to engage college students in the night life of LakeView or the Avondale area. No matter what the interests are, Samford students seem to fit right into the Magic City’s culture.

“No, I’m Going Home Today.”
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With the almost perfect proximity Birmingham has to majors cities in the south, many Samford students will take the weekend off and visit home. Why is proximity important? Well the university prides itself in being “your home away from home”, and with the short distance we have between us and cities like Nashville, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Montgomery, etc., it allows a multitude of our students to see family easily. This is not the case for some, but don’t worry, Family weekend is coming up.



Yeah. Seriously. Check out the library on a Friday afternoon and you will easily find some bull dogs studying (yes, students are referred to as bull dogs sometimes). The typical work ethic of a Samford student can be unprecedented. Being a student here is much more than making grades though. It’s about furthering yourself and eventually impacting society as a whole. This probably coincides with missions and aspirations on other campuses, but at Samford it is respectively unique.

Thanks for the read. Now let us know what your Friday’s looks like!





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