Birmingham’s Skyline Due for Make Over

The unique style of the Magic City skyline is like none other. With older buildings and constant renovation, it’s surely improving and soon to shock the South through continuous development.

The newest addition will begin shortly…

Highland and 14th Ave. South are expecting a welcome addition. The new 22 story high-rise, called Vesta apartments, is a $53 million project being carried out by Harbert Realty Services. It is set to over look Five Points South and accommodate 318 units with a rooftop pool and a 502 space parking deck.

There are huge plans for the new development and will add…

At least one restaurant to the Five Points South area, which already boasts prominent establishments like Hot and Hot Fish Club and Highlands Bar and Grill. It will be located blocks from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, which allows HRS to target young professionals.

– Bryan Davis

Patience for the project has been a key part since its inception. Like many other areas in the city, brand new establishments are slow to come up. Birmingham isn’t necessarily the fastest pace metro area, so we are used to being patient, right?

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The specific aim is to provide a “multifamily” aspect to the historic Five Points because, as seen in 2015, these types of developments are on the rise and we ought to keep up with the times.

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