Alabama/Birmingham Growth Shaped by Capital

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There are many factors that go into economies. For Birmingham, the generosity of Venture Capitalists and Private Equity firms are what’s helping drive us up and out.

With the increase in small business innovation and business owners looking for space inside the city, the demand for capital could not be greater. The Birmingham Business Journal talked with Michael Stone, from Porter White & Co., to get his take on the massive amount of capital being invested.

“Transaction multiples remained elevated and buyers continued to utilize significant levels of debt to fund acquisitions.”

– Michael Stone

What does this mean though.

This is simply a processes of supply and demand. As innovation, technology, and real estate grapple Bham, investors see a huge market for their money. There has been a temporary decline in activity, but all in all, it is the largest growth (capital investments) our city has seen since 2008.

Shall we never forget that year…

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Losing faith in the city would be pointless. We have gone from exponential growth, to depravity, now we are becoming sort of special and those with the money are taking notice.


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