“Ice House” – New Hangout Coming to Mountain Brook

They say, “everything’s bigger in Texas”, but what about a Texas inspired hangout for Birmingham?

This could become a big thing for the “Ham”. See what I did there 😉

Tom Sheffer, owner of Avo and Dram, has a passion for the state of Texas. This has allowed him to discover such a thing called “west side ice house” where cold beer and food, like grilled sausages, are served. These establishments reside in the southern areas of Texas where San Antonio and Austin are located.

He wants to recreate the business model to fit our southern culture here in Birmingham though. The casual bar/restaurant will serve “Texas-style barbecue and a selection of tacos, along with sandwiches and bar options” (BBJ).

Sheffer believes that the atmosphere and food that Ice House will provide is different from anything currently available in Birmingham.

– Ali Renckens, Village Living

With the foodie culture on the rise, Birmingham is a perfect place to bring in unique eatery models. The “Ice House” will provide customers with an easy place to grab-n-go with tasty barbecue, or hangout and enjoy the Texan atmosphere.

Check out the full article from Village Living here.


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