There’s No Question Birmingham is a Place for Start-ups

Those who venture out to create a product/service need to highly consider beginning their journey in Birmingham.

Birmingham is one of those that attracts all kinds of businesses. Why? Maybe it’s the affordability of real estate, or the overwhelming support of local investors, or the rise in the millennial population.

No matter the reason, Birmingham is here to take on the challenge of becoming the Silicon Valley of the South. In recent weeks, local investors have generously provided funding to a few of our city’s fastest growing companies; Fleetio, Pack HealthSwell Fundraising, and others.

“Pack Health scored a major infusion from the CEO of another high-growth company, Dr. Bruce Irwin of American Family Care. Swell Fundraising announced it had secured $500,000 in venture capital from four prominent local leaders. And Fleetio raised $750,000 from private Alabama investors in a deal that will allow the tech firm to accelerate its growth and significantly expand its headcount.

-Ty West, BBJ, Editor-in-Chief

Full Article from BBJ – Click here

The culture in Birmingham is what’s fueling this shock wave of startup’s and investments. Everyone wants to see our seemingly slow city rise to the occasion to take on huge competitors in growth like Nashville, Atlanta, and those south of us.

Recent business activity has give us hope in more ways than one; from investments, to technology conferences (SlossTech), and then the start of the Velocity Accelerator. Entrepreneurship used to be a thing for the daredevils in Business, but as growth becomes easier to facilitate in our city, those who always wanted to start a business ARE starting.

Birmingham came from manufacturing with the steel industry, then moved into an era of tourism, because we were the booming city down south. After the growth became somewhat stagnate (while the negative persona rose), and the service industry took hold of the country, we slowly melded into those markets. Still to this day, there is a negativity over our city and this keeps some business owners away, but that is all changing.

Birmingham is like that cousin you saw a long time ago that was having problems, but when seeing him/her later down the road, all of your expectations are blow out of the water.

Let us continue to rise to the occasion and take all surrounding cities by surprise.


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