Local Teen Striving to Preserve Bham History

Many areas around the city are run down and in need of renovation, but practicality gets in the way of some wanted development.

One Birminghamian is trying to bring attention to a historical/run down building along 65.

The Finley Roadhouse, along interstate 65, is one of many huge buildings in Birmingham that has been long forgotten.

Back in the day, this old railroad facility turned train cars around to position them for departure. Clearly this was a popular commodity due to the booming steel industry in our city. Most in Birmingham don’t know about this old landmark, so Khari Marquette is here to expose the history of our rail system.

Marquette, as well as representatives of some local history groups, said he believes the Roundhouse is worthy of recognition and preservation and could be adapted for a new use — perhaps as a railroad museum or community center — that would help revitalize the Acipco-Finley neighborhood.

-Jesse Chambers, Iron City Ink

Read more about Khari and his reason why this building is meaningful.

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