Renovation Planned for Lakeview Building on 5th South

Lakeview, already popular enough among the foodies, bar hoppers, and millennials, will host two local business in new renovated space.

“Hey, whatcha doing tonight!?” “Probably going down to the Lakeview District to…”

This has become a normal conversation among college students and otherwise when talking about Friday night. The Lakeview District is bumping and growing just as much as any other Birmingham areas; Avondale, Business District, etc.

Where there is traffic, there is a need to improve old buildings. Appleseed Workshop has taken on a project to renovate a building on 5th ave. and 31st St. South to house two local financial based companies; Partners Tax & Accounting and Hartline Investment Advisers.

According to a public record filing, HFour Properties LLC bought the property for $545,000. It is located at the corner of Fifth Avenue South and 31st Street South.

-Brent Godwin, BBJ

While the district is a happening place for the bar scene and foodies culture, Birmingham is also booming in many industries, therefore, as time goes on, more and more companies are looking to reside in the city.
Give it a little while, and the Magic City will have renovated its aesthetic to compete with major cities.

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