5 Ways to Conquer the Tuesday After Labor Day

Let’s be honest with each other. You woke up this morning, realizing the long weekend had come to an end, and was slow to come to the realization that work, school, or otherwise was looming in the near future.

Well here are the 5 best ways to conquer this yearly Tuesday.

1. Realize this is NOT Monday
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4 days till the weekend which means, 4 days till more football, sleeping in, and spending time thinking about how to conquer the coming Monday.

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Whether you follow this “rule” or not, there is some history behind the conspiracy. One suggestion is that because labor day marks the end of summer, our white seasonal attire should be hung up and the darker business attire ought to be dusted off. Look professional today with a dark suit, because I doubt many people will be wearing white. No matter if this is a legitimate thing or not, people still seem to follow it, and no one wants to be out-of-place right?

3. Take your Favorite Summer Playlist for One Last Spin
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Music is one of those things that can never fail you and summer is the best time for a great playlist. But it has come to an end and if you’re anything like me, you had a certain playlist for those 3 months of freedom and adventure. Brake it out for one last go around to propel you into the fall and jam out like never before to pick yourself up this post labor day day.

4. Grab Friends and go to Avondale for a Brew and Good Food
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Middle of the day? Who cares! One of the great things about Birmingham, that was not true years ago, is that we have a multitude of eateries and breweries in very close proximity of each other. Have work? No worries! One beer, wine, or drink is enough to get you through the day while diving into a savory sandwich (not like you didn’t already eat enough this weekend).

5. Begin Planning for Upcoming Bham Events
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Summers over, music festivals have ended, the heat is slowly diminishing, and now you have tons of things to look forward to this fall. Iron City, Saturn, Zydeco and many other venues in the “Ham” are going to be packed with college students looking for a get away on the weekend. Check out the music and otherwise here.

So there you have it, your 5 part guide to this post labor day day. Let us know what you have planned for this day and week as a whole.

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