Swell Fundraising Receives Massive VC from Bham Investors

The service industry dominates 80% of the national GDP and Birmingham entrepreneurs are taking full advantage of this.
One example of a thriving local service provider is “Swell Fundraising”…

The Bham software provider makes it easier for non-profits to plan fundraising events; hence the name, they make it a swell process.

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Swell Fundraising raised $500,000 total from Gillian Goodrich, Charles Goodrich, the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham’s Brooke Colemanand Liz Pharo, who is chair of Momentum Telecom.

-Ty West, BBJ, Editor-in-Chief

The large input of capital will allow for a stronger marketing mix to gain a deeper presence among local non-profits. This is important because Birmingham has a multitude of non-profit companies all working toward the same goal; to provide wellness inside the city. Ranging from tech associations all the way to companies preserving the value of life, all of which host events to raise awareness.

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Brooke Battle, founder of Swell Fundraising, aims to make it easier for their clients to be more attractive toward the communities.

One of the lead investors says,

“Having been involved in volunteer activities and philanthropy for most of my life, I think that fundraisers need to make data and social networks work for them in a more creative and effective way…, Swell Fundraising is poised to do that.”

-Gillian Goodrich, Speaking to the BBJ

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