Rojo Gives Portion of Profits to Selected Charities…

Non-Profits are alive and well in this day and age, but sometimes money is an issue. ROJO, of Birmingham’s Highland Avenue area, is certainly doing its part to support these local saviors.

10% Tuesday is what ROJO likes to call their weekly donation to a charity of its choice. This was originally meant to be for the month of July, but turned out the community was really diggin the act of kindness, so they extended it, for years now.

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Laney DeJonge, co-owner of ROJO, tells of some fun charity nights they have held in the past.

“I think the Hand in Paw is fun because everyone brings their dogs to it, and we even had some goats one year.  The Southern Environmental Center is fun because they bring an item from their garden like Rosemary and we make a special drink with it.”

– Interview with Weld for Birmingham

Thank you ROJO for your service to our community!

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