From Star Motel to “Box Row”, 3rd St. South won’t Look the Same

Old shipping containers, ever wonder what they do with those? Well Birmingham has a new use for them to serve a purpose beyond the inanimate objects wildest dreams!
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Avondale, one of Birmingham’s prime spots for popup businesses and growth, is giving way to the demo of an old motel and give its property a 21st century make-over.

Today, Golden Bell Capital, started demolition on the Star Motel across the way from Saws Soul Kitchen, to begin its anticipated journey. Once complete, there will be 14,000 square feet of office, restaurant, and retail space available; all lease spots have been taken with many more on the waiting list.

Box Row’s space is completely made out of old shipping containers. With small, comfortable, and affordable space, this will give the Avondale area a whole new look and help facilitate the already rapid expansion of 3rd street south.

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