Your School Your City: A Win for Birmingham

At the beginning of every school year, Samford University opens with a concert featuring big names in music and local vendors to showcase themselves. They call it, “Your School Your City”.

Why is the event important though?

For the past few years, Samford has received the largest freshmen class compared to the year prior. This means new faces, new memories, and new opportunities that Samford can attach its and Birmingham’s brand upon. While many Universities have an opening ceremony or concert to welcome back its student body, this one is special for the city as a whole.

As incoming freshmen fall upon Bham, this means people from all around the country (and world for that matter) are stepping foot in this sliver of Magic. Along with the music, local vendors set up across the quad to show off what they are doing in Birmingham. This is a great way to get these new faces to recognize what our city is all about!

When I was an incoming freshmen, I knew most of what the “Ham” had to offer, but many of my new friends (from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia) didn’t find Birmingham to be all that attractive; this was not surprising. Along with this, some parents are sending their baby off to a new city, and the University makes sure they know they’re in good hands. As many understand, parents are weary of sending their kids off to college, and due to our past, they may not know the potential we posses.

Samford University is doing great things for our city, and this is yet another example. Birmingham is good about taking full advantage of its new residents; millennials mostly. It is important for the entirety of the city to be on board with reminding the country of our potential.
Here is yet another “Win” for the Magic City. We cannot wait to see what Samford and the other schools around Birmingham are able to produce for the our continuing development.


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