2016 Safest Suburbs in Birmingham

Ever wondered how safe, statistically speaking, your suburb might be? You may feel safe and sound, or may not, but let’s take a look at what the experts say…
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According to a group called Niche, Vestavia is the #2 safest city behind Argo in St. Clair County. For those of you who are detailed oriented, here are some of the numbers for Vestavia:

Assault Rate – 43 per 100,000

Robbery Rate – 18 per 100,000

Murder Rate – 0 per 100,000 

Burglary Rate – 248 per 100,000

Vehicle Theft Rate – 64 per 100,000

Larceny Rate – 1,092 per 100,000

Others included are Hoover (12), Homewood (17), and Irondale (24)

A special thank you to the officers that put their lives on the lines everyday, and for the wonderful citizens of our communities who help keep the peace.

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