100 Macy Stores Closing and What it says About the Dynamic Changes in Business

Do you work at Macy’s? There may be a chance your store’s closing within the next 6 months.

Earlier this year, Macy’s decided they are closing down 15% of their stores nationwide.

There are 2 location residing in Alabama, Riverchase Galleria, and the Summit, so the possibility of one of these closing is unlikely, but what does this say about the business? Money may be tight, the innovating times concerning technology probably has an affect, but one thing’s for sure, business adaptation comes in various of forms.

In terms of the negative effect, people lose jobs and relationships are broken, but there are always positives that come out of the darkness. Change is good and Birmingham has experienced this first hand. As companies die off, new ideas spring up and take place. This allows for new positions to arise, and possibly give people incentive to learn a new trade.

What do I mean by new trade though?

Look at business in the past. The way things were manufactured, bought, and sold back then, simply put, just doesn’t apply to today’s world. We have technology that drives most companies to profit, and the “brick and mortar” companies are becoming outdated; as represented by recent closures like Logan’s Roadhouse or the two local golf courses being redeveloped. These new developments will bring forth change that gives others opportunities to live in a different area and present a job some may have never thought about taking.

We can all learn from deaths in industry, whether its adapting to the new skills of today, or by learning what to and not to do in your business venture.

Read more about Macy’s closing here

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