Lake Livin’ with Ole Nick

Coach Saban is asked, what’s the greatest threat to excellence? Complacency he says, but we must rest when we can.

Tim Tebow and Marty Smith find Nick Saban lake livin’ in a “remote” lake location, according to Tebow. Some may say there is no rest for the best (or maybe I just wanted to rhyme), but there must be time for rejuvenation and family in even the busiest of lives.

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Coach Saban says to enjoy the little things and do not forget about what really matters in life; family, friends, rest, etc… Maybe we finally have it! The secret to the Tides Success, or maybe they’re just that good. See, even one of the most successful football coaches has to wind down and get away for a while.

Marty asks, “How far away from football will you let yourself go?”
“I feel like I’m away from football when I’m here. What I’ve learned to do is, I don’t really get away from it completely, like it doesn’t exist, I just know that maybe for a couple of hours I can go back to it, but the rest of the time my mind’s completely clear of it… Hopefully I can coach a lot longer because of it (rest).”

With a clear mind, stout mentality, and drive that is above the rest, Coach Saban is the embodiment of smarter not harder. There is in fact no time to wear yourself out and only live for the current circumstances by working to death.

Live for the next challenge, and prepare accordingly, even if that means taking valuable time off.  
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