6 Things Every College Freshman Should Know

  1. Don’t walk around campus with a map on day 1:

Do yourself a favor and visit each classROOM before the first day of class. I’ve walked in the wrong classroom twice before…

2. Ditch the lanyard you got at orientation:

A dangling lanyard fluttering from your unpressed cargo shorts is like having a neon sign above your head that says, “FRESHMAN.”


3. Don’t loose your student ID, you need it to basically anything on campus:

Seriously, everything.


4. Give the orientation t-shirt a few weeks in the back of the drawer:

Congrats! You got your first college t-shirt! Now put it away, you aren’t trying to match every other freshman on campus for the next year. If you get one thing in college, it’s t-shirts, don’t worry kiddo.


5. Take advantage of college-wide events (you don’t have to join a club):

College-sponsored events are a great way to meet new people. You might feel awkward around a bunch of strangers, but so does everyone else… and that leads me into my final point –>


6. Everything is awkward in the beginning… but that’s alright:

Everyone has the same fears: no friends, tough classes, new place. Everything you feel as a little freshman in college, everyone else feels. It is so okay to be intimidated by upperclassman know-it-alls and athletes. It’s a new place for everyone, even though some make it seem like they have it all together. You’ll ask dumb questions, you’ll trip in front of a crush, and you’ll probably walk into the wrong classroom a couple of times, but that’s okay because so has everyone else.

College flies by, soak it up.

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