Development Proceeds Infrastructure: Vestavia

When I say 5 o’clock, or 280, some people (or most, but lets not get too confident) would think of traffic, bad drivers, crappy roads, congested intersections, etc… I mean, the list goes on and on, but one thing’s for sure, the increased development of neighborhoods, parks, and office buildings may not be helping these conditions. 

The above picture is of Acton road, going toward interstate 459, next to the old Altadena Valley Country Club (rest in peace old buddy). A popular road for 5 o’clock traffic and almost as congested as a kids nose at the beginning of pollen season. 280 is not much better, but has improved, so props to you Alabama DOT, Jefferson and Shelby Counties for making that happen; let’s just not go back to that scale of road work again, okay? None the less, our roads are slowly improving and councils are working to make this happen.

“But wait, what about the development side of Birmingham’s growth?”

Ahhhh the beauty of a growing city. Whether you like it or not, businesses going under, loud construction, and slow traffic all go into making this city show up on the map. Frankly, I’m pumped about all of the growth, as you have probably read me proclaim many a time, I’m sure. But, with development comes a growing population, or shift of population, into certain areas that may already seem congested.

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“So what’s the problem at hand?”

Well, I live near the construction of Altadena Valley Country Club, and I’m getting a close up view of its enormity. This is the concern of residents in the area: POPULATION INCREASE with no foreseeable future in better infrastructure. As parks, residential, and commercial real estate begin to spring up on the newly developed land, imagine how traffic patterns are going to change, or the amount of cars at 5 o’clock is going to increase.

I dare to say, this could be get ugly…

On the upside, revenue is to be made for the cities. As the land in Vestavia continues to be redeveloped on with apartments, nursing homes, grocery stores, parks, homes, and businesses there are many positives in all of the construction. But what about the infrastructure?

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There are aches and pains in a growing city, and this is certainly one for Birmingham. As development ramps up, our councils need to be aware of the growing concerns. Voice your opinion, and make known these obvious problems.

For more on 280’s future in development and infrastructure, click here.


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