$3 Million Approved for Kingston FireStation

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Fire Stations are a must in all towns, and the kingston projects has RECEIVED approved funding.

A budget battle has been in place for months. With money tight, and tensions growing, the Birmingham City Council has been trying to resolves the issue of the old Kingston Fire Station. Since the beginning of May, the fire house has been condemned unfit for service, but clearly that proves to give way to many problems.

As the issues have grown in the community’s mind and those of council members, clearly action needed to be made. Among those actions was a rejection of Major Bell’s veto of discounting the services of Bainbridge, Mims, Rogers and Smith to help represent them in the lawsuit from the Water Works Board. For more info on law suit, click here

Regardless of arguments, a compromise has been made.

“This is the first time we’ve heard the $233,000 number that has been put out there,” Bell said, though he would later agree to the total. “I checked with the finance director and we have not looked the budget in terms of being able to fund that. As for the World Trade, we can do that. We can do the $25,000. Originally we had recommended $2.1 or $2.3 million for Carver but we increased that to $3 million. Part of the rationale behind that we sent our people from planning and engineering to see what’s needed in terms of renovations to the property.”

-Cody Owens, Weld for Birmingham

There are a lot of number flying around the issues of city planning, but non the less, progress is being made.

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