Spireworks, a Blend of Food and Innovation

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As innovation week ensues, some big news for the Innovation Depot has surfaced!

Daniel Briggs, the owner and chef at Daniel George restaurant in Mountain Brook, is switching to a more modern and, for that matter, fast paced lifestyle in food. By early 2017, he will be opening up “Spireworks”, a mix between hot-line food service and a quick meat and three concept, for all the tech junkies inside the Depot.

Some months ago, the Depot lost its long time cafe that many workers inside took advantage of for lunch. Although this gave way to an abundance of business for the ever growing food truck culture in the “Ham”, it was sad to see Culinard Cafe close down.

“BUT WE MUST INNOVATE!”says the Depot (Not really, but that is what they do best)

And that is exactly what Devon Laney is doing with bringing in Chef Briggs. He says, “it will be an incredibly innovative space that mirrors the youthfulness and modernity of the Innovation Depot.”

Thanks to Devon, our city continues to promote all sorts of industries.

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