Birmingham Local Coffee Houses

Whether you’re studying, working, writing, reading, or just catching up with Friends, coffee houses are great for just about any occasion.
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So, the next time you need a little get away with a cup of Joe, check out these Birmingham coffee houses.

#1 – Seeds Coffee Co.

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One of Birmingham’s most popular coffee hangouts among college students. “I wonder why though…” Uhhhh probably because it’s in the middle of three beloved colleges; BSC, UAB, and Samford. Non the less, Seeds Coffee is loved, because they live out the mission of, “At Seeds, we believe coffee is a resource that can be harnessed to make our world a better place.” Thank you Seeds for all you do.

#2 – The Red Cat Coffeehouse

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A place for business meetings, low-key concerts, and meetups, The Red Cat not only has a catchy name, but also embodies the down town feel. From its two locations (Pepper Place and Railroad Park), to colorful inside, and perfectly brewed coffee, this house is unique to the Magic City. They proclaim that “People come back for the comfortable spaciousness and the excellent coffee. They come for the friendly staff. No news outlet had to tell them; their friends passed it on by word of mouth.” Well Red Cat, here’s your debut! Keep it up y’all.

#3 – O’Henry’s Coffee 

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You know that little saying “Keep it Local”, yeah well this Bham (more specifically/orginally Homewood) coffee house displays that within every purchase; from business to business and business to consumer. “To this day, O’Henry’s buys and roasts their own beans at sister company, O’Henry’s Coffee Roasting Company, also in Homewood. These beans represent the top 1% the world has to offer.” I would strongly suggest that Vulcan would be cheering these southerners on. Remember, WWVD.

#4 – Urban Standard

A true Birmingham gem. This office building goes coffee house is a perfect place for any one wanting to discover what the “ham” is all about. Due to its rustic feel, and super open environment, it is loved among many, and known for a great place for just about any meet-up. It is clear in their mission that, “Urban Standard wants to bolster a growing community of loft dwellers, students, creative thinkers and busy professionals.” Thank y’all for making it special to our slice of southern charm.

#5 – Octane Coffee/Bar


Yet another great example of “Keep it Local”. From purchasing dairy across the way, to connecting multiple styles of drink, Octane truly knows how to run a modern day coffee house. “We take inspiration from around the world, but in the end, we’re a community; and our friends and neighbors deserve a delicious drink and fun time when they visit.” With two great Bham locations, and a different feel in its business model, they are a great company to be included in the Magic.

#6 – Church Street Shop

SB BHM Coffee Church Street Collage Birmingham Local Coffee Houses

Remember how I mentioned that coffee houses are great for a variety of activities? Yeah well this place exemplifies that wholeheartedly. From books to coffee (obviously) to break-up cookies, this place seems to have it all! Specializing in its unbelievable selection of pastries, it is a great place to open a book, eat some finger foods, and lose track of time. “We serve Octane Coffee, roasted locally in Homewood. Their dedication to choosing the best beans and roasting them to perfection keeps us, and our customers, loving their coffee and espresso.” Yep, #KeepitLocal for real.

#7 – Revelator Coffee

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Last, but certainly not least, is the most modern coffee house of all, in Birmingham. Located in the theater district of down town, it has quite the perfect spot. Walking through the door, you receive a warm welcome and cozy open feel. The “Hams” culture is thriving with millennials and changing tastes every year. This place is certainly keeping up with that innovative feel. They say, “Revelator believes in cultivating meaningful experiences. We design our shops to embody this belief. They are bright and open, with stay-awhile appeal.”

Now you know where to go when wanting to chill outside the house, dorm, or office.
Go out and explore Birmingham, and while you’re at it, buy a cup of Joe and Keep it Local.
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