@Richella89 and @Benjaminmarlow1: What They Mean to #Bham

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What more do we love than positive recognition for our city?

This is exactly what we have received through Richella and Benjamin, our special guests from the other side of the pond.

As part of our southern hospitality, Birmingham organizers have been showing them around our city and introducing them to popular/unique places in Bham. This gives Birmingham, Alabama much more than a fun thing to talk about.

This gives us a chance show off the diamond in the rough that is Birmingham.


I don’t think this is simply because we are hospitable, or nice to everyone who visits, but because we are innovators. Yep, there’s that word again ;). But seriously! As a true Birminghamian, I understand the drive this city has to change the negative stigmas from our past and aesthetic from the outside.

We will take and run with any opportunity to show off. What city wouldn’t? Especially one that gets an accidental visit from the most unlikely of circumstances!

So, thank you Richella and Ben. You guys have been great for Birmingham, and hopefully we have been great to you!
Be sure to visit the many breweries, eateries (eating more than 3 times a day is okay), museums, parks, and businesses unique to BHM.

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