Jeffco Hunter Education Classes

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Alabama’s hunter education program helps keep hunting safe and enjoyable. The program covers the skills, regulations and responsibilities of hunting, and wildlife conservation that help to secure our hunting heritage. If you were born on or after August 1, 1977, you must complete an approved hunter education program before being eligible to hunt unsupervised. Alabama has two hunter education options: a traditional course with a written test or an Internet course. Don’t wait, start today! #WWVD

Here’s a list of upcoming classes in Jefferson County.  The registration deadline for each class is 3:00 PM on the day before the course. Registration begins one month before the day of the class. Seating is limited for each class.
  • 8/20/2016 9:00 AM Bass Pro Shop – Leeds.
  • 9/6/2016 5:30 PM 56 Church Street Mountain Brook
  • 9/7/2016 5:30 PM Calvary Baptist Church 7570 15th Street Rd. Hueytown
  • 10/15/2016 9:00 AM Bass Pro Shop – Leeds
  • 10/25/2016 5:30 PM 56 Church Street Mountain Brook

Online courses are also available.  For more information, visit OutdoorAlabama.

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