For Those Starting or Going Back to Samford this Fall…

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Like every school, there are specific things that Samford University students relate and look forward to when going back to school.

From one Samford student to the next, here are 9 things we can ALL relate to:

#1 – Waiting an extra 2 weeks to move into school

August is here, and you know what that means, all of your hometown friends are leaving for school. You wake up one morning, after a GREAT summer filled with excitement and think, “What do I do now…?”

#2 – Always a New Campus Look

So what did they do this time? It is almost as if Samford never stops providing its students with the best amenities. From new buildings, to smoother roads, the administration always does a bang up job with providing the best.

#3 – Move in Day Craziness…

Get there at 8 am, or wait till later…? Move in day is always a toss-up. For those early risers, wanting to get their stuff in as soon as possible, it usually pays off, but when everyone thinks that way…

Live in West Campus? Beware of the parents moving their daughters into the sorority houses…

#4 – It’s the First Weekend Back! What to do now?

That’s right! It is the first weekend back, and for some, the most anticipated weekend of the whole semester. But what to do? Well, for you veterans, going to Zydeco, Innisfree, or just hanging out at the frat houses, is the way to go. Freshmen, explore our great city, it is sure to bring you joy!

#5 – Will We Have Shuttles This Year?

From the outside, our campus seems small, but walking in this Alabama heat can be a pain. Will we have shuttles this year? Not sure. But let’s hope it does not rain the first week like it did last year…

#6 – Sodexo omelette …? YES PLEASE!

A note to all freshmen! TRY THE OMELETTS! As a senior, one of the biggest regrets I have is not ordering them as a freshmen (seriously, a huge regret). I was introduced to these wonderful, and by far, best things in the “Caf”, my junior year. Be nice to the Sodexo workers, they will put an extra touch of love in it to make your morning a success.

#7 – Rush Week… Oh Rush Week…

A time for excitement, meeting new people, and very little sleep. If you are a Greek, you know just as well as I do that getting homework done before rush activities start is quite a wise plan. Staying up till 3 or 4 am is the norm, that week. Be prepared.

Freshmen, DO NOT WORRY! We want to see you succeed and get you into the best house possible. It may be the most nerve-racking part of your first semester, but only the best outcome will prevail.

#8 – Speaking of Freshmen… Home Sick? Family Weekend is Almost Here.

We all love our parents, and the best possible way to show our appreciation toward them (*cough* for paying our tuition, or signing off on our loan, *cough*) is to give them a whole day of activities. For you pledges, mom and dad want to see your letters, or you in your coat and tie at the tailgate. They love seeing you and the great school they have entrusted to prepare you for the real world. Relish this time, because school is about to hit over drive.

#9 – “I Love This Campus…”

No matter what, Samford is home and what a gorgeous home it is… Even at night, the whole campus is lit up to show-off its architecture and beautiful landscape. Shout out to the grounds crew for never disappointing. With almost a million dollar budget going to the grounds, we expect the best, as we should.

From the greenest grass you’ve ever seen, to the fall bringing in multiple colored trees, Samford is our home away from home, and we are all proud to say so.

Good luck and remember to thank those preparing you for life. They want you to succeed, so be mindful to stay the course.

See y’all in a couple of weeks!



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