Charles Barkley and Nick Saban: Evolution as a Coach

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Past players, for Nick Saban, have proclaimed…
“He wants to win, but he wants us to be better men…”

It is more about the players and how they are developing as men, not just how they develop as better athletes.

Excerpt from Charles Barkley Meeting with Saban

“What instilled in you, like, I want to make my players great players, but I want them to be great men also?” -Charles Barkley
“It came from my dad… He always emphasized doing things right as a person and how much value that created for you. and he always thought that if you have good people, and they have good character, that will carry over in the way they compete and play on the field.” -Nick Saban

Saban loves teaching, and sees it as a way to inspire his players. What a great example he sets for his players by being excited for their personal life, and not just their winning streak.

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