Things you secretly miss about the first day of school

It’s that time of year again – your Facebook timelines are flooded with photos of your younger cousins and family friends on their first day back to elementary/middle/high school. On one side, you’re glad those days are over. But, there’s still a part of you that misses those first day feels. For those of us who’ve moved on to college and beyond, here’s a trip down memory lane to all the things we miss about starting school.

Getting new school supplies.

Even if you didn’t plan on using them much beyond the first week, new school supplies were exciting. There’s nothing like opening a brand new notebook to doodle in with your new gel pens.

Your first day outfit.

It took you three hours to decide what you were going to wear. Finding that middle ground between being fashionable but not trying too hard was difficult. You had to try it on a few times to be sure it was the one. You got it ironed, hung it on the outside of your closet, and starred at it as you imagined yourself stunting on everybody the next day.

Staying up all night in excitement.

Let’s be honest, the anticipation of the first day back to school was enough to keep us up all night. So many things to ponder: Who’s going to be in my classes? What wave will I have for lunch? Did I put that blue notebook in my book bag? No matter how little sleep you got that night, you were always fully energized that morning.

Seeing your friends.

Your big day would be nothing without your friends. You just couldn’t wait to meet up with the crew so you could walk the halls together, check out the new transfers, and figure out if you had any classes together.

The comfort in not paying for your books or tuition.

In retrospect, most college students would probably agree that this is what they miss the most about starting school.

Enjoy it while it lasts, young people!

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