Birmingham Golf Courses Close…

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Businesses come and go, thrive and fall, and it never fails to disappoint a community when a local giant drops to its knees.

In this day in age innovation is king, and with that comes change. Some change is wanted, while some is scrutinized. Altadena Valley Country Club’s case was the latter, at first.

August 13, 2015 article on early public concerns

“The concern for people here is whether the city would build multi family housing like apartments – the increased traffic that these changes could bring.” -Sarah Snyder

After many concerns, residents of Altadena Valley, next to the golf course, have begun to ease into the transition. Construction began this summer and the changes are immense.

Personally, I live one house down from the golf course, or now known as the construction site across the street. It’s not too bad.

I tend to have an eye for innovation and gladly welcome new beginnings. The plan Vestavia has for the plot of land, I believe, is going to thrive. Although the concerns are still present, no one can dismiss the fact that property values will rise, as the area is annexed into Vestavia (from currently being “unincorporated Jefferson County”) and the whole aesthetic greatly improve.

Time will tell…

On the south side of highway 280, Eagle Point Golf Club has closed, as of this past May.

Here is one residents comments…

“It’s just a bad situation for those of us that have played out there for years,” said 16-year Eagle Point resident Mike Greenlee, who played Eagle Point multiple times per week. “It’s going to be a real loss for the community, I think.” -Sydney Cromwell

With Unclear Reasons, Eagle Point Golf Club is Done…

Along rumors of barely breaking even in profits, many do not understand the reason for this closure.

With very few public courses in Birmingham, compared to private, this seems to be a loss for the area. Main concerns of property devaluation and traffic issues are a spear head of the push back.

It is, and will be, a hard transition, but as Altadena residents have warmed up to the idea, so will the people of Eagle Point, hopefully.

We should not be afraid of innovation, nor distraught about the lose of business. As old things die, the new rise to take its place and give the area that is apart of the change a win; therefore a win for Birmingham

I have talked a lot about Birmingham getting a win, and these changes could pave the way for one of those.

“Innovation is the only way to win.”

-Steve Jobs

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