Eh! Canada is Alabama’s Top Customer


Who knew that Alabama exports over $4B in goods to Canada each year?

A message from Louise Blais, Consul General of Canada in Atlanta, Georgia

I continue to be excited by the many challenges and opportunities inherent in my responsibilities as Canada’s Consul General in Atlanta, representing Canada in six states in the Southeast: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Historic links between Canada and the Southeast go back to before the American Revolution and hundreds of thousands of Canadians visit the region every year, especially during the northern winter. We are pleased to provide consular services to Canadians living in or visiting the six states.

Canadians and Americans have been close security partners from the two World Wars to more recent efforts in Afghanistan. Members of Canada’s Armed Forces serve with their American counterparts at a number of U.S. bases in the Southeast.

Canada is the largest or the second largest export market for each of the six states and total two-way trade between Canada and this region was more than $53 billion in 2014. It is estimated that over one million jobs in this territory depend of trade with Canada. A large number of Canadian investors have made substantial commitments in the region. Canada remains the largest foreign supplier of energy to the United States.

I believe there is further potential for growth in these relationships and am looking forward to working with partners and friends here in the Southeast to achieve this objective.


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