Summer Body Postponed?

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If summer ’16 snuck up on you before you got a chance to get your summer figure in order, don’t worry. You can still be ready by fall if you follow these well known steps:

  1. Drop the fast food.

That’s right, you need to leave that Wendy’s 4 for 4 where it is, and avoid that double cheeseburger from McDonalds. Try cooking your own burgers at home. It’s less expensive and you could actually use real meat! Who knew?


  1. Drink more water.

There are so many benefits of drinking water. There’s even science behind how it could help on a weight loss journey. Practically speaking, if you replace more of your drinks with water, that’s fewer grams of sugar and calories from sodas keeping you from your goal weight!

  1. Stay active.

We all know that last season of Orange is the New Black was good, but instead of starting a new series, how about going for a walk? Exercise is a main ingredient in weight loss. You don’t have to go Shaun T crazy – just ease into some kind of active routine. Side note: vitamin D-deficiency is very common. Going outside and getting more sun can combat that, and vitamin-D is another factor in weight loss. Is that walk starting to look more appealing?

  1. Get enough sleep.

There is also science to back up sleep being connected to weight. Additionally, getting enough sleep gives you the energy you need to stay active, think straight, and ultimately make better decisions. Think about it – if you go to sleep at a decent time, you can cut out some of that late night snacking!


  1. Stay happy.

Yes, it’s true – your mood can affect your weight. Keeping your spirits up can keep you from that emotional eating that we all do from time to time. In general, we’re all more productive people when we’re happy. So go ahead, smile! And start looking for that swimsuit for next year.



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