Birmingham Needs a Win…

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“In Birmingham, as a community, to grow the tech community, what local entities need to be involved, what can we do to be successful?”

-Kevin McLendon, CEO, Telegraph

4 Days in Silicon Y’all

“You need a win. What I mean by a win, I mean not ‘win’, you need A WIN. The real win for any community, is you need to support each other and get a win… I’m positive that something amazing will come out of here. So the key is not only to fester the community to help each other tech wise, marketing wise, to have a win, but what can you guys do from a city and state level to make that person or that team want to ground themselves here for the long haul.”

-Gary Vaynerchuck, CEO, VaynerMedia

Birmingham, here is a Win for us.
Shout out to TechBirmingham and Telegraph Creative for SlossTech. Great Video(s) Telegraph.
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